Mat-work Pilates

Pilates focuses on core strengthening combined with functional movement. Whether you decide to participate in small group classes or would like one-on-one sessions, Shannon will conduct an initial Myotherapy assessment in order to develop a Pilates program that is tailored to your needs.

Will Pilates benefit me?

  • Do you suffer from chronic back pain?
  • Always injuring yourself in sports or general exercises?
  • Do you feel unstable or weak in a particular part of your body?
  • Do you suffer from joint clicking or joint pain?

If so clinical Mat-work Pilates could be your solution!


  • Initial Myotherapy Assessment (30mins): $50 (Private health rebates apply)
  • Individual Pilates Session (45mins): $40
  • Small Group Pilates Class (max 3 per class, 45mins): $20 per person

For more information on the Mat-work Pilates small group classes and personal sessions; or to ask how this differs from your regular Pilates classes, call us on (07) 3325 1858