Queensland Physiotherapy

Queensland Physiotherapy was founded in 2015 by Ian Alberts.

What to Expect

Your initial visit will be a thorough 30-45 minute consultation, with return visits being 30 minutes. We will take a history of your problem and how it’s affecting your daily life, then undertake a detailed examination to help diagnose the specific source of the problem. Using this information, we’ll come up with a multi-modal treatment plan to address the issue. If required, we may refer you for a scan or X-ray, and we also have a network of Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons to refer to if further intervention is needed.

In all cases, the aim of Queensland Physiotherapy is not only to get you back to doing what you love, but also provide you with the tools to manage your condition on your own where possible.

Meet The Team

Ian Alberts

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

Kirstin Scott

Senior Physiotherapist/ Clinical Lead

Catherine Dunne


Rachael Simpson


Lauren Dodds

Practice Manager