Fee Schedule

Private Patients 

  • Initial Consultation: $95.00 
  • Subsequent Consultation: $90.00   

We support the HCF ‘More For Muscles’ program. This program reimburses HCF members with 100% of the benefit for an initial consultation, once per year (for a new health condition or flare up of an existing condition). This rebate is dependant on your level of health cover with HCF. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.

EPC’s (Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plans) 

Medicare’s EPC programme allows eligible patients up to five treatments per calendar year, for chronic conditions. Qld Physio charges a small gap fee of $15.00 per appointment for these services. This remains lower than many North-side practices.  

Patients will be required to pay $70.10 at the time of the appt, and will receive a Medicare rebate (processed on the spot) of $55.10. 

For more info on EPC’s, please ask your GP.  

Note: You must have a GP referral to claim these services.

DVA (Dept of Veteran Affairs) 

Qld Physio is happy to provide care to all eligible veterans, with a valid D904/GP referral. We bill these treatments directly to DVA, so no gap fee applies.  


Qld Physio accepts all WorkCover physiotherapy referrals. In order to commence treatment, we will require a valid copy of the work capacity/medical certificate issued by your GP.