Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Most people who undergo orthopaedic surgery will require post-surgical rehabilitation following the operation, to ensure the site heals fully and full range of movement is restored.

Queensland Physiotherapy works with a number of leading orthopaedic surgeons in the Brisbane area, and always keep up to date with the latest post-surgical rehabilitation techniques and protocols being used. We like to ensure that your recovery is as smooth and painless as possible.

Some of the treatment options commonly employed by Queensland Physiotherapy in assisting with post-surgical rehabilitation include:

  • Core exercises
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Muscular retraining
  • Massage
  • Heat
  • Electrotherapy (Ultrasound, TENS etc)

Our practice Principal, Ian Alberts, is also an accredited Instructor of the BOUNCE Back Active Rehabilitation System. This 8-week treatment program can assist in many situations including:

  • People with significant back, neck, shoulder and hip pain
  • Post-surgical patients
  • Preparing your body for Pilates or general exercise, no matter what your condition
  • The Industrial Athlete (manual worker) wanting to get back to work
  • Desk workers suffering postural pain and overuse issues
  • Elite athletes looking for that performance edge.

If you’ve just gone through a surgical procedure, let us help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Give us a call on (07) 3325 1858 to book in for your first appointment, or click here to book online.